• Wood Brick Bag
  • Wood Brick Bag
  • Wood Brick Bag

Building Block

Wood Brick Bag

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Not just another brick in the wall. This smooth leather handbag has a sleek, structural form, to hold just the right amount of essentials in a natural, made to be worn. Playful yet durable, this new strap  of wooden beads can be slung over the shoulder or carried in hand. Features a silver zip closure and stamped logo at back.

Wear: Natural-dyed leathers will take on oils over time to darken with a subtle, intentional patina. 

Materials: Leather, Wood

Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 1¼" with 8¾" strap

Made in Taiwan

About the Designer

Building Block is a Los Angeles-based design studio, best known for their timeless, well-crafted accessories. Their ethos is to magnify the essential while omitting the excessive. A playful touch is intrinsic to their designs, which make use of unexpected materials and whimsical accents. These principles become clear upon viewing their pieces, which all boast a streamlined sensibility while feeling remarkably fresh. We love their reimagining of everyday accessories through the playful use of elemental materials and forms. All of their line is all handmade in a workshop in Taipei, Taiwan that is run by two generations of brothers. The family-owned business is made up of 7 craftsmen and women who have collectively been working with leather handbags for over 30 years.