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Toco Toucan

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Toco comes to us with the help of National Geographic, who partnered with Steiff to celebrate the world's endangered animals. Toucans are in especial danger because of the ongoing destruction of South American rainforests. Our fine feathered friend is a jolly toucan- and two can sound better than one toucan can. Dare to join her in a song. She's partial to "Islands in the Stream," but doesn't care who sings the Dolly part.

Material: Soft woven fur, safety glass eyes

Size: 9"

Made in Tunisia

About the Designer

Steiff is a celebrated luxury toy brand that has been hand making beautiful plush toys since 1880. Best know for creating the first 'teddy bear,' Steiff continues its incomparable legacy of quality and innovation with every animal friend made to this day. Child-safe fabrics and construction from mohair, alpaca, cotton velvet, and woven fur make these lifelike creatures a treasured member of any family. Certain pieces are still hand assembled and finished by skilled artisans in the Steiff factory in Giengen, Germany.