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Sushi Ornament

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Sushi's newest role is hanging on your tree. Let your mind fill this felted wool seaweed wrap with the perfect ingredients. A simple salmon avocado? Pickled beets and miso? When we ordered this, we were expecting it to be smaller and find it very funny that it is so big. Featuring a string not shown in the photo to hang for display.

Dimensions: Approximately 3" wide, 2" tall

Fabric: 100% Wool

Made in Kyrgyzstan

About the Designer:

Silk Road Bazaar is a wholesale representative of marginalized artist groups located in Kyrgyzstan and across Central Asia. By connecting with artisans who have limited market access, Silk Road works to help these partners become self-sustainable by developing designs, sharing management techniques, and and coaching with computer skills. All of these charming product are original works of Central Asian artists in collaboration with Silk Road Bazaar.