• Knox Throw Blanket
  • Knox Throw Blanket
  • Knox Throw Blanket

Slowdown Studio

Knox Throw Blanket

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The Knox Throw was designed by Brattleboro-based artist Jonathan Ryan Storm. Known for his complex plays on color, form and pattern, his work is about finding balance while solving a puzzle. It is proudly made from 100% cotton grown, spun and woven in the USA. Enjoy it as the perfect weight to be used on the couch, as a picnic rug, or to hang on the wall as art.

Size: 54" x 70" (137cm x 178cm).

Care: Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle; dry on a cool cycle or line dry.

Made in USA

About the Designer

Slowdown Studio is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based designer Marc Hendrick. The modern lifestyle brand celebrates individuality and artistry, and the result is a collection of living, breathing works of art that are both functional and beautiful. Slowdown Studio invites you to embrace the slower moments in life.