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Cost of Living Script

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Winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Eddie, an unemployed truck driver, reunites with his ex-wife Ani after she suffers a devastating accident. John, a brilliant and witty doctoral student, hires overworked Jess as a caregiver. As their lives interact, Majok's play delves into the chasm between abundance and need and explores the space where bodies- abled and disabled- meet each other.

2 men, 2 women

"'Cost of Living' slams the door on uplifting stereotypes. ...Tremendous emotion flows around the impediments Majok has placed in the characters' paths. ...In both of the plays's stories... the biggest handicaps are the universal ones: fear and disconnection. ...immensley haunting... Majok is exquisitely attuned to the many varieties of alienation hiding in plan sight in America." -The New York Times