• Cable Festival Hat
  • Cable Festival Hat


Cable Festival Hat

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Soft, warm, light and still rugged- textured in tones of wheat and gold. Knit in Scotland for our friends at Howlin', this special cap features a classic cable knit for a bit of timeless distinction. This cold weather topper manages to breathe well in a sturdy lambswool knit while stretching to fit most noggins.

Fabric: 100% lambswool

Care: Hand wash.

Made in Scotland

Howlin - Scottish slang for smelly - is an Antwerp, Belgium-based knitwear brand with strong roots in Scotland and Ireland. Howlin' strives for timeless, playful products that are made with care. Whether a scarf or a shaggy waistcoat, everything is individually manufactured and hand-finished by traditionally skilled craftspeople using highest quality yarns.