• Scallop Knit Tank Top
  • Scallop Knit Tank Top
  • Scallop Knit Tank Top
  • Scallop Knit Tank Top


Scallop Knit Tank Top

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The dark night sky and a heatwave that never broke. An exquisite knit from Corridor's factory in Peru is perfectly cut in this simple and elegant pima cotton tank. Styled best by itself with trousers or trunks- or under an open shirt as the moon rises, this unique shirt is a prime bit of timeless Corridor craft. 

Fabric: 100% Pima Cotton

Made in Peru

About the Designer

Corridor is a New York-based, independent brand focused on positive energy and inspired by color, nature, music, parties, love, spirituality, and New York life. Designer Dan Snyder founded the company in 2013 out of his sixth-floor walk-up in the East Village, and remains at the helm today. The bulk of their production is done with partners in Madras, India at a third-generation open air workshop that pays living wages to the artisans who craft every garment.