Lindsay Lewis

One of the earliest metalworking traditions, metalsmithing, is the art of taking raw metal and giving it a new purpose. It’s a rugged and messy labor of love that forges something elegant and gleaming. That transformation has captured the heart and hands of Chicago artist Lindsay Lewis for over 15 years. It is a practice that represents the bond between the strong and delicate—the certain and the possible.

After her first metalsmithing class in 2004, Lindsay began exploring how to apply sculpture and designed objects theory to jewelry. She went on to work for jewelers and artists, teach classes, and graduate from the School of Art Institute of Chicago. It was throughout this time that she found her style through experimentation, practice, and curiosity. In 2016, she found her home away from home in her now West Town studio. 

Drawing inspiration from her home in Chicago and travels on the west coast, Lindsay’s minimal yet interesting work celebrates independence from expectations. Architectural elements meet fine art and earth tones compliment metal. Bold geometric lines flow and move to create timeless designs that outlive every trend. To her, each creation is a work of art and soul only made more beautiful by the brilliant women who wear them.

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