• Black Opal Gold-set Studs
  • Black Opal Gold-set Studs
  • Black Opal Gold-set Studs
  • Black Opal Gold-set Studs

Melissa Joy Manning

Black Opal Gold-set Studs

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Enigmatically dark and somehow brilliant. The mysterious darkness of a black opal banded in solid 14k gold on matching post. The simplicity of these 1/4" studs is part of the magic, revealed when light reveals a host of rich red and aqua tones, floating just below the surface.

Material: 14K Gold, Black Opal

Made in USA

About the Designer

Each piece of jewelry from Melissa Joy Manning is hand made in their California or New York studios by an in-house team of artists using traditional metalsmithing techniques. They strive to provide a living wage to their team, and embrace industry-leading standards of ethical deign and responsible sourcing.

Melissa is a long-time friend and personal inspiration and creator of some of the most unique jewelry we've ever seen. Its owners may be proud knowing the company is dedicated to domestic handmade production, which eliminates the heavy waste and pollution that can come from high volume and machine made jewelry and reduces the carbon imprint that massive international import and export leaves on the earth.