• Sampson Throw Blanket
  • Sampson Throw Blanket
  • Sampson Throw Blanket

Slowdown Studio

Sampson Throw Blanket

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The Sampson Throw was designed by Granada-based illustrator Bigotesucio. He began his studies and experiences in the art world very early and has moved between drawing, serigraphy, ceramics, video and music. It is proudly made from 100% cotton grown, spun and woven in the USA. Enjoy it as the perfect weight to be used on the couch, as a picnic rug, or to hang on the wall as art.

Size: 54" x 70" (137cm x 178cm).

Care: Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle; dry on a cool cycle or line dry.

Made in USA

About the Designer

Slowdown Studio is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based designer Marc Hendrick. The modern lifestyle brand celebrates individuality and artistry, and the result is a collection of living, breathing works of art that are both functional and beautiful. Slowdown Studio invites you to embrace the slower moments in life.